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is a leading training provider, providing public and tailored short term and long term training solutions that cover a wide range of areas including technical areas such drilling, petroleum engineering, construction engineering and other soft skills areas such as management, leadership, human resources and customer service.

Induction center deliver an increasing number of public training seminars, of over 300 essential public training seminars covering over 25 different disciplines in addition to customized training solution. Induction Center is certified and accredited by some of the most famous awarding bodies in the United Kingdom such RoSPA, NEBOSH, IIRSM, CIEH and others so we don’t just deliver VALUE but we also, deliver according to international standards.

Through our global presence and experience in oil and gas and our exposure by working with some of the biggest Oil & Gas companies in the middle east we can fill these programs with relevant examples and case studies that make each of our courses unique, specific and practical.

Induction center firmly believe that the retention of knowledge is maximized when theory is immediately applied to business relevant projects - learning by doing.

To maintain the highest quality and superior standards that we offer we ensure that only the best instructors, course materials and case studies are combined to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

Through our industry and university partners, together with frequent peer review with our customers we ensure emerging technologies are central to the content of our programs. Our professional training team from a wide variety of technical and regional experiences allows us to bring a world class expertise to the training environment.

Induction Center provide training in all aspects of the oil industry and at all levels from beginners to advanced levels. Our training courses include drilling courses such as casing design, drilling engineering, cementing, directional drilling, wellbore stability and rock mechanics, stuck pipe, well control, drill string, horizontal and multilateral technology. We also provide a wide range of training in petroleum engineering, reservoir engineering, geology, and geophysics.

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  •  Address: Ajial Mall, 2nd Floor, Office No. C7, Al Fahaheel - Kuwait
  •   Tel: (+965) 2391 2112
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  •   email: info@energy-eg.com

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